Pet's Best Friend
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Transport to veterinarian or groomer
$(20.00) for one pet per 30 minutes. 

Administering Medicines
$(2.00) for oral medicines
$(4.00) for injections
Vacation Petsitting: 
We offer up to four visits a day, in the home, while the owner is away. For the safety of the pet, we do a minimum of one visit per day, for all pets. We also provide overnight stays, so the home is just like when the owner is there. All vacation pet sits include rotating blinds or shades, turning lights on and off , bringing in the mail and newspaper and putting out trash, if needed.

$ (19.00) for one pet for 20-30 minutes and ($3.00) for each additional pet. 
$ (70.00) for a 12 hour overnight stay, which includes AM and PM visits. Overnights are typically from 8 PM - 8 AM.
for overnight stays which include the AM and PM visits.


At Pet's Best Friend, we take care to provide pets with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your booking or inquiry  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
Midday Dog Walks
How about a walk in the middle of the day? If you can't get home from work, this is the perfect way to get the dog out for exercise and fresh air. If you have a pup that's crated, we can provide happy potty breaks every 3-4 hours.

$ (19.00) for one dog, and ($3.00) for each additional dog.
Doggy Trail Excursions
We can hike your energetic dogs on nearby hiking trails or in nearby parks. Doggy excursions are one hour and include transport. We can even provide a dog backpack, so your pet can carry his water and treats. This fun outing is only for well-behaved dogs that can handle distractions like other dogs and children.

$ (70.00)  for one dog, $(3.00) for each additional dog, maximum of 2.